Come and be engulfed in
World Heritage

The town of Ikaruga:
Deeply connected to Prince Shotoku,

one of the fathers of Japanese

Providing you
with a front-row seat

to gaze upon the
National Treasures of Japan

和空 法隆寺
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Horyuji Temple, in Nara’s Ikaruga Town.

Stretching from the southern part of the Yata Hills down to the
Yamato Plain, this region is where Prince Shotoku built the
Ikaruga Palace in the year 601.
The temple buildings in the Horyuji area have come down from
the beginning of Japanese civilization in the seventh century.
Highly praised as the oldest extant wooden structures in the
world, they were registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
in 1993.

Put yourself in a serene environment, and feel the spirit of
that ancient past.
Everything you see. Everything you hear. Everything you feel.
All of it is the product of History.

Temple Town Hotel WAQOO Horyuji:
This unparalleled lodging site will help you realize where you
have come from, and where you are going.

National Treasures and World Heritage beyond imagination,
laid out before your eyes.
Seat yourself in an S-class seat for the historical show of a


Saiho Kan

Superior Twin Deluxe Japanese (Tatami)
Room area 28㎡-32㎡ 37.5㎡ 36㎡
No. of rooms 13 3 2
Bed size 122cm×195cm(2 beds + 1 extra per room) 122cm×195cm(2 beds + 2 extra per room) 4 futons
Occupancy 2-3 2-4 2-4

Toho Kan

Standard Double Superior Twin Deluxe
Room area 22㎡ 24.5㎡~26㎡ 33~36㎡
No. of rooms 3 36 3
Bed size 110cm×195cm(2 beds per room) 122cm×195cm(2 beds + 1 extra per room)
110cm×195cm(2 beds per room)
122cm×195cm(2 beds + 2 extra per room)
Occupancy 2 2-3 2-4

No. of guest rooms 58 rooms (total capacity 140 people) in Toho Kan and Saiho Kan
Floor area 4364.83㎡
Facilities Parking lot, Private Baths, Main Building Common Area (165㎡)

Room facilities

  • Internet (wireless LAN)
  • TV
  • Kettle
  • Japanese tea set
  • Refrigerator
  • Hair dryer
  • Humidifier
  • Air conditioning
  • Toilet with washlet
  • Safe for valuables


  • Liquid soap
  • Body soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Facial wash
  • Toothbrushing set
  • Razor
  • Shower cap
  • Hairbrush
  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Slippers
We also have traditional
Japanese culture events planned!



Temple Town Hotel
WAQOO Horyuji

1-5-32 Horyuji, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara 636-0116 JAPAN
(By the Horyuji front entrance path, near the Nandaimon South Gate)

◎ By car:

5 minutes north of the Horyuji Interchange on the Nishi-Meihan Expressway

◎ By train:

Via JR Horyuji Station [Free shuttle bus]

◎ By bus:

・From Horyuji Station, get the bus bound for “Horyuji Sando”
and get off at “Horyuji Sando” after about 5 minutes
・From JR Oji Station, get the bus bound for “Kokudo Yokota / Sharp-mae / Horyuji-mae”
and get off at “Horyuji-mae”
・From Kintetsu Tsutsui Station, get the bus bound for “JR Oji Station”
and get off at “Horyuji-mae”

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